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The Top 10 Green-Tech Breakthroughs of 2008

Thursday, January 1st, 2009


Green technology was hot in 2008. Barack Obama won the presidential election promising green jobs to Rust Belt workers. Investors poured $5 billion into the sector just through the first nine months of the year. And even Texas oilmen like T. Boone Pickens started pushing alternative energy as a replacement for fossil fuels like petroleum, coal and natural gas.

But there’s trouble on the horizon. The economy is hovering somewhere between catatonic and hebephrenic, and funding for the big plans that green tech companies laid in 2008 might be a lot harder to come by in 2009. Recessions haven’t always been the best times for environmentally friendly technologies as consumers and corporations cut discretionary spending on ethical premiums.

Still, green technology and its attendant infrastructure are probably the best bet to drag the American economy out of the doldrums. So, with the optimism endemic to the Silicon Valley region, we present you with the Top 10 Green Tech Breakthroughs of 2008, alternatively titled, The Great Green Hope.

  1. Calera’s Green Cement Demo Plant Opens
  2. Project Better Place Finds Homes
  3. Solar Cell Production Gets Big, GIGA (watt) Big
  4. Obama Picks A Green Tech Expert To Head DOE
  5. Solar Thermal Plants Return To The Deserts
  6. Pickens Plan Pushes Power Plays Into American Mainstream
  7. The Catalyst That Could Enable Solar
  8. Green Tech Legislation Gets Real
  9. New Materials Cage Carbon
  10. The Island of The Solar

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