Nivis, Cisco Link Streetlights

Nivis and Cisco unveiled an embedded wireless IP mesh technology using a 6LoWPAN solution for integrated device management last month at the Cisco Live technology showcase in Orlando,Fla. Nivis’ wireless network technology allows disparate devices and sensors to communicate via a sophisticated neural network system using the 6LoWPAN(IPv6) protocol.

The Cisco Live demonstration illustrated how this technology can be employed in municipal uses involving streetlights, electrical and parking meters as well as electronic signage.

In the actual demonstration, a wireless mesh network of streetlights communicates with a parking meter. The meter communicates with a sensor ring in the parking space, and the information is sent to a Cisco cell phone. As a result, the technology allows consumers using the Internet to see if a parking space is available ahead of their arrival or if their meters have expired. Security officers are alerted by the system to turn on the streetlight to provide better security, and municipalities can identify expired meters.

According to Vint Cerf, Google’s chief innovation officer, “IPv6 is a protocol whose time has come. If we are serious about networking virtually everything, and we should be, then IPv6 is the place to be. Instrumenting and linking the devices that surround us can dramatically increase their utility and manageability.

Acuity Brands ROAM, a provider of streetlight monitoring, also participated in the demo.

Source: Wireless Week

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