Open Source Zigbee Stack Many RF technologies are competing on 2.4GHz. The WLAN and Bluetooth have dominated the consumer wireless market. Zigbee is getting hotter in the mesh network application as well. More and more chip vendors have released their new products for Zigbee. TI/Chipcon, Freescale, Microchip, Atmel, Slilabs and Amber are active in Zigbee market. Zigbee is a wireless mesh network; its initial investment is much higher than an individual microcontroller based application. A serious development on a Zigbee project must include ICs, the Zigbee stack, the application software in the network nodes and the network administration software for the control terminals.

In September 2007, TI announced that it opened its fully functional Zigbee stack, Z-stack to the developers. Every registered developer can download the source code from the web site for free of charge. It was a shock to this market. Before this open source promotion, the quotation of this certificated Z-Stack source code was 100K USD.

Z-Stack can be downloaded in two formats: a “core” stack installer or a “full” stack installer. The “core” installer is targeted to experienced Z-Stack users who only need updated library and source files. The “full” installer is intended for users who would like additional application examples.

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