Track the sun for home lighting


Have a room in your house that really could benefit from some sunlight? Build a Suntrack to reflect light in as long as possible. The two axis motor set up is built from a couple of  satellite dish positioning motors with the control electronics removed. The whole thing is controlled with a PIC 18f2520.  Once calibrated, it will reflect the sun into your room, updating every twenty seconds. While this may not be the most efficient way of lighting a room, it is a cool way to do it if you absolutely must have sunlight. We can’t help but wonder if there would be a way of using a solar powered system to do this to save energy. Could this possibly be done using BEAMhead” circuit?

Source: Hacked Gadgets

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2 Responses to “Track the sun for home lighting”

  1. andreea says:

    Perfect work!Keep posting

  2. martin says:

    I like the idea not just for the light, but the power that the sunlight contains. With this setup, reflecting sunlight into your house heats up any surface the light comes into contact with. Perfect for the winter time. You could reduce your heating bill substantially. Reflecting the light onto dark conductive objects would thermally heat the object during the day. At night, the object would give off it’s heat. Awesome project.

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