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Do It Yourself a RFID immobiliser

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010


This guy, [andrew_h] has put together this slick anti theft device for his car. This RFID immobiliser is used to keep the car engine from starts unless you swipe an RFID tag. Depending on how well you hide it, and how well the person stealing the car knows you, they would have no reason to suspect that they have to swipe the tag. Even if someone steals the car while it is already running, they won’t be able to re start the engine if they shut it off. Guys, you should try this one if you have any car to experiment with, or you have to steal a car to do this.. kidding! All steps, schematics and PCBs are available.

Available at via Hack A Day

Airport technology showing people’s ‘private parts’ to get scrutiny

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Although already in use at some airports in the US, the UK, and Netherlands, full-body scanning — a security technology quite capable of showing people’s unmentionables — might now fade away as a specter facing Americans and other travelers in European airports, due to a lawmakers’ vote.

Some airports in Europe, including London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam’s Schiphol, already make use of full-body scanners, as do some airports in the US. (more…)