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Data-logging shirt for analyzing baseball biomechanics

Friday, April 16th, 2010


The shirt was developed by Marcus Moche, Alexandra Morgan and David Schmidt as a Capstone Design Project—a senior-level team project that requires students to solve a “real-world” engineering problem or develop a viable product.

Pitchers become more susceptible to injury when they lose consistency in their mechanics—the physics of how they throw the baseball, pitch after pitch. After this, is going to be logged for analysis.

Courtesy: Northeastern

Get Rid of Your Stalkers With Portable GPS Tracking Jammer

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Portable_GPS_Tracking_JammerFeeling unsecure and got no more private life. Use this little device to screw up GPS signal before it can be reached by any GPS devices, and transmit back to your stalkers.

A company base in Taiwan, Web Strategies Ltd. (WSL) feel responsible to produce this gadget in order to provide private life to whom life have always been stalked by some kind of paparazzis or maybe mafia in their everydays life. Protecting your whereabouts and movements from citizen and vehicle tracking personnel with 1933key’s Portable GPS Tracking Jammer utilizes unique and intelligent technology to interfere with GPS satellite signals and GPS receivers. You now can decide to be either on or off someone’s satellite tracking radar.

Using a standard mobile phone battery pack and battery charger, the Portable GPS Tracking Jammer is ready for mobile operations anytime. The included direct power pack allows continuous operation even when the batteries are drained.

No complicated installation or professional spy knowledge is required for operation. Sleek handheld design provides easy to carry and easy to use functions, anytime, anywhere.


  • Blocks GPS tracking, tagging, stalking and surveillance devices to protect your movement privacy.
  • Prevents mobile GPS logging systems from submitting geographical positioning data to base tracking stations.
  • Cautions-Not for use near GPS dependent motorized craft such as airplanes, farm equipment, ships or yachts; nor should used for vehicle theft.


  • Jamming distance (coverage radius)
    Model: JGPS01A: Up to 40 meter diameter-20 meter radius
    Model: JGPS01B: Up to 20 meter diameter-10 meter radius
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Dimensions: L 139 x W 49 x H 24 mm
  • Power: 4. 8v DC rechargeable battery pack or car power supply (cigarette lighter plug)