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Modem used in an alarm system

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

ORP Systems

This alarm system senses motion and then alerts you by phone. And this fellow, [Oscar] had an old external modem sitting around and, with some wise hardware choices, he came up with a simple circuit to use it. First up is the PIC 16F628A chosen because it doesn’t require an external crystal. This connects with the modem via a DS275 RS232 transceiver because it requires no external parts for connection. The final portion of the puzzle is a PIR sensor that triggers a pin interrupt in the sleeping PIC, which then dials your number to alert you. It doesn’t look like anything happens other than your phone ringing, but that’s enough for a simple system. We’re glad to see how easy it was to use that modem… time to go hunting for one in dreaded junk trunk. Don’t miss the clip after the break.

What you can see in the video is: The modem is turned on and the pic configures it to disable command echo, change to return numeric responses and turn off the volume of the modem speaker. The user has 15 seconds to leave the room, then the pic waits a motion detection. When it is detected the pic dials a fixed phone number and the user will receive the alert.

The pic is programmed in CCS and the source code is included. Well, I bet it’ll be a great project to make. ^_^

Source ORP Systems

ABB wireless motion detector with almost zero energy consumption

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

busch-watchdog.jpgABB has developed a top-of-the-range wireless motion detector that does not consume mains electricity and is powered – for a remarkable 5-7 years – by just three standard 1.5 volt alkaline batteries.

Launched to widespread industry acclaim in Germany in 2007, the new Busch-Watchdog wireless motion detector breaks new ground in energy-efficient and cost-effective building surveillance technology.

Powered by just three inexpensive AAA alkaline batteries (the sort commonly used in portable electronic devices like digital cameras, MP3-players and remote TV controls), the new motion detector uses an innovative design to eliminate the need for costly wiring and reduce power consumption to uniquely low levels.

Battery lifespan can be extended even more – to 10 years – by using lithium iron disulfide cells instead of standard alkaline batteries.

Industry benchmark

ABB developed the product in collaboration with Busch-Jaeger and MEMS Inc, a Swiss-based company founded by former ABB engineers. Busch-Jaeger is an ABB company and a world-leading brand in low voltage building installation products and solutions. Its range of Busch-Watchdog motion detectors is widely considered the benchmark in detection capability, reliability and esthetic appeal.

Equipped with an exceptionally powerful lens and broad range of functionality, the Busch-Watchdog detects any moving object within an unparalleled 16 meters of the detector. Unrestricted by power connections, the new wireless variant brings complete freedom of placement to users. It can be attached to a building, garage, perimeter wall, porch or ceiling.

The innovation is based on low power-consuming components and embedded system technologies in three interconnected modules compromising sensors, radio communications and microcontrollers.

The microcontroller supports several power-down modes that allow the detector to go into various states of ‘sleep’ during daylight, gradually waking up as the light fades. Full recovery is instantaneous (a few microseconds) if a moving object is detected.

Busch-Watchdog wireless motion detector is one of several wireless products in the Busch-Jaeger portfolio.

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