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Looks, Google Android Netbooks on Their Way!

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Google is planning to use Android for any device — not just the mobile phones. Don’t be surprised if netbooks will come pre-installed with Google’s Linux OS.


The guys from compiled Android for a netbook. The netbook was fully up & running on it, with nearly all of the necessary hardware including graphics, sound & 3G card for internet.

Here’s an extract of the article about installing Android on a Netbook:

The fact that various OHA partners have already developed Android enough to easily work on our netbook may be considered evidence enough that Google is getting increasing buy-in from industry players to realize this vision. We found two additional indicators that technology is being developed in this direction.

For one, we discovered that Android already has two product “policies” in its code. Product policies are operating system directions aimed at specific uses. The two policies are for 1) phones and 2) mobile internet devices, or MID for short. MID is Intel’s name for ‘mobile internet devices,’ which include devices like the Asus netbook we got Android running on.

The context for our finding can be found here. The important line is this one:

Another indicator for a coming Android netbook is that Intel already had the right drivers for MID chips in place. You can view some parameter information here.

Overall, we’re impressed with the relative ease of the compilation. Android code is very “portable” and neat.

Maybe we’re lucky to see netbooks running Android already this year, so 2009 would be a very good year for netbooks!

Source: eeepc.itrunsonlinux