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SkyeTek provides reader-driven RFID tag security

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

While other reader offerings rely on tag manufacturers to provide security for RFID tags, SkyeTek supplies RFID readers that implement security onto generic tags, providing cost savings as well as investment protection by enabling customers to switch tags without penalty.

This newer approach to tag security enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and product designers to control their own security requirements. In addition, with reader-driven security on generic tags, manufacturers can take advantage of encryption without the cost of a proprietary tag.

Some tag manufacturers provide no tag security at all, and the ones that do sell those tags at a premium. As part of a security solution, SkyeTek supports several proprietary encryption algorithms that are tailored to provide security for specific markets such as ticketing.

In addition, for those seeking to expand the security of their existing solutions, SkyeTek readers can overlay security on top of existing proprietary tags, the company claims. SkyeTek supports standards-based security algorithms, including TDEA and AES ciphers and SHA-2 hashes, which can be applied in addition to proprietary methods.

Reader-driven security is useful in areas such as product authentication and consumables authentication, as it allows for anti-cloning and anti-tampering. For example, a reader can enforce tag usage constraints by enforcing expiration dates and limiting the number of times a tag can be read. To prevent counterfeiting and cloning, applying a hash algorithm tied to the tag ID prevents the contents of the tag memory from being cloned or replicated on an unauthorized tag. Most proprietary security-enabled RFID tags are not immune to cloning.

SkyeTek’s standards-based approach enables secure support for generic tags, saving customers up to 70% over systems using proprietary security. SkyeTek’s security uses the same standards-based encryption that is used in e-commerce and that has been adopted by the government and military.

More information is available at SkyTek’s website.