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Biofuel From Wastewater

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

A researcher of the Technological Top Institute for Water Technology-Wetsus (TTIW-Wetsus) discovered that wastewater high in organic material is better for hydrogen production than pure water. The process known as ‘biocatalysed electrolysis’, which involves the release of electrons induced by the application of special bacteria to the surface of an anode, produces hydrogen from the organic material. A key advantage is the reduced energy consumption compared to traditional production using clean water.

hidrogen extraction asparatus

Thanks to this discovery, the production of one cubic metre of hydrogen requires only one kWh, compared to electrolysis involving pure water, which requires four times as much. The new technology facilitates the cost-effective, large-scale hydrogen production using wastewater. According to the researcher,this could in theory be applied to large-scale wastewater treatment plants. However,hydrogen must be produced near to where it is used. For this reason, the initial pilot will be implemented at a company, which requires hydrogen as part of its manufacturing process.